Is Sacrifice A Dying Art?

Earlier this summer the world was mesmerized by the drama which unfolded in Thailand as twelve members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach were rescued from entrapment in the Tham Luang cave. Whereas volunteers came from around the globe to offer their assistance, some of the least noticed help came from farmers in that region.

Why do we marvel at what these farmers did? Is it because sacrifice in our culture is a dying art?

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May I Have This Dance?

Drudgery is that stage of life where life and career become boring and routine, and making a living is filled more with a sense of “wooooorrk” than it is fulfillment. Drudgery is such an ugly dance partner, but if we’re not careful—especially the older we get—we can find ourselves not only dancing with her, but allowing her to take the lead. Dancing with her comes with a price. Dance with her, and we forego the opportunity to dance with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. When drudgery is taking you for a spin on the dance floor, how do you let purpose and meaning and fulfillment break in and dance with you instead?

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