Business Intelligence Suite

CMG partners with you to help “insource” freight management, giving your company the benefit of having a full-time freight expert without the cost--or the contract. Using our proprietary iTMS software, we provide you with custom reports and expert analyses that expose excessive freight expenditures and identify operational inefficiencies. Combined with our negotiated rates, you can save significantly with CMG as your freight management partner. We work strictly on retainer and pass those savings on to you.


Small Business Solutions

If you’re a small to medium-size business, freight management is probably low on your long task list. Good news! You don’t have to hire a full-time team member to manage your freight, and you don’t have to settle for freight costs eating into your profits. Access to our 20+ years of freight expertise with an affordable monthly retainer.

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CMG Partnership with USPS & Pitney Bowes

CMG, USPS and Pitney Bowes have joined together to bring a new value add to your shipping platforms. Our multi-carrier solution can eliminate potential surcharges for dimensional weight and non-commercial deliveries while helping you maintain quality customer service performance. 


Transportation Management Systems

Unlike logistics companies who take over your shipping decisions, Transportation Management Systems are designed to give you, the shipper, the control. Whether you’re a small business with basic transportation needs or a large corporation with complex operations, CMG’s partners provide TMS options to suit your pace, personnel, and preferences. These logistics platforms can improve your oversight and control of all your inbound and outbound shipments, maximize transportation efficiency, and help you assess the most cost-effective carriers and routes. Armed with helpful statistics and insightful reports, you’ll be on top of your game and your shipments will be on their way.

  • Manage your carriers’ negotiated rates

  • Request quotes

  • All modes – truck, rail, ocean, air

  • Book orders instantly

  • Track your shipments at all times

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