Through our proprietary software, CMG dives deep into your annual freight spend. Our success is based on not only rates but also process improvements and what we call methods. Looking at every detail, we bring a whole new understanding to what’s considered ‘freight’. 

What is Forensic Freight Management?

What type of businesses does CMG work with?

As long as you are paying for freight to be shipped, we can help you! We can save you money with outbound, inbound and inter-company shipments. We can even help with third party shipments! Our only exception is that we do not work with companies shipping refrigerated goods or hazardous materials.

My company ships primarily LTL. Can you still assist me?

Yes, we can! We work with LTL, FTL, air freight, parcel, international, private fleet, inter-company, and third party shipping. Spending $150,000 or more annual on general freight (outbound, inbound, inter-company and/or third party combined)? We can help you reduce those costs as a percent of sales!

Can CMG negotiate rates that make a significant difference for my company?

With CMG’s help, clients save between 8.3% and 46.2% of annual freight spend. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ll give you a complimentary initial snapshot to show you possible opportunities for savings. We are not a logistics company or a freight broker. With no contracts, CMG gives you freedom and control.

We’ve been in the freight business for over 25 years, so we can confidently tell you that we are freight experts. Using our proprietary iTMS software, we provide you with custom reports and expert analyses that expose excessive freight expenditures and identify operational inefficiencies.

We stay on top of ever-changing freight rates so you don’t have to. CMG functions as an interactive, engaged part of your management team, giving your company the benefit of having a full-time freight expert without the cost. 

Freight companies seem to be changing their rates constantly. How do I know I’m getting the best deal?

Because of our massive volume, we hold rates at a level most companies cannot reach by themselves. We also maintain a huge discount in fuel rates--our negotiated fuel costs are half of what the general public pays!

Not only are we able to negotiate better rates, but our expert analyses can also find inefficiencies and other areas where shipping processes can be improved, resulting in more savings for you! Rates are only about 25% of where we find cost reduction opportunities.

How is CMG able to negotiate better shipping rates than I can on my own?

Absolutely not! We want to save you as much money as possible. We work strictly on retainer so we can pass along the savings to you.

If I save more, am I going to have to spend more for CMG’s expertise?

We can get you operating with new rates in as little as 4 weeks. That means you could be seeing savings by next month’s bill!

How long will it take for my company to start seeing the savings reflected in our financial statements?


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